sexual harassment prevention training and workshops

Sexual Harassment Prevention

Train the Trainer

Under California Government Code 12950.1, employers with 5 or more employees must train all employees in sexual harassment prevention.  Leads, Supervisors, Managers and Executives must receive two hours of training.  Line employees must receive one hour of training.  All employees must be trained every two years.

In this Sexual Harassment Prevention Train the Trainer program you will receive a PowerPoint presentation designed to provide you with the subject matter to be able to train your employees in what sexual harassment is and is not, as well as what to do if they are harassed or know of someone that has been harassed with the objective of creating a workplace culture free from workplace harassment.


  • Attorneys that specialize in labor law
  • University Professors that teach labor law
  • HR Professionals with 2 years experience in handling claims of sexual harassment
  • Trainers specializing in sexual harassment prevention
  • Anyone that has team taught with any of the above for at least 2 years.

Here is what's included:

  • The Harassment Prevention Coach
  • ​PowerPoint Presentation Supervisor California
  • Power Point Presentation Supervisor Not California
  • Power Point Presentation Employee
  • Hand Out Supervisor California
  • DE 185 Sexual Harassment
  • Worksheet
  • Certificate of Attendance Supervisor
  • Certificate of Attendance Employee
  • Sign In Sheet
  • Training Evaluation
  • Link to Real EEOC Cases
  • SB 1343
  • Trial Over Training