Contact us for a demo.  As you will see it is very organic.  It is designed to be consistent with our onsite training programs.  Originally we created it for our clients that could not get all of their employees to live class (maybe had one or two that just could not make it).  Over the years, it has become very popular and many of our clients simply use the online training on a regular basis.  It is up-to-date and California specific.  We do offer 2 courses that are not specific to California, but the majority of our business is in California.

Features of the TMT Online Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

To set up the online classes, click the green button above.  You will be prompted to enter your order information.  Here you will enter the number of participants and pay for the training. We will send you User I.D.'s with directions to the eLearning Program within the business day.  

It really is that easy. 

  • Regular course updates - each month you will receive an activity report that tells you who has started and completed the course.  You may also ask for a report at any time.
  • Upon the completion of the course, the participant will receive a certificate of attendance.
  • We provide you with an announcement letter (attached) to send to employees announcing the method of training for this year.
  • Your staff is oriented on all of the requirements of California's AB 1825 training, Ab 2053 and SB 396 requirements.
  • It is cost effective.
  • It is easy access for most employees who know how to use the Internet.
  • We provide technical support in case any of the employees experience a problem.
  • it can be used on the clock, around the world, from anywhere.
  • It is simple, one course, no confusion with a library of courses.
  • It includes easy to follow instructions once the participant signs in.
  • It works best with Chrome and Internet Explorer.
  • Our program offers reliable security.
  • It is up-to-date and California specific.
Supervisor  1 - 100$33
Employee 1-100$33
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Sexual Harassment Training Online

Sexual harassment training classes online offer the opportunity for supervisors and employees to take the mandatory online training classes at their own pace on their own time.  Our online training classes are easy and affordable.  Providing comprehensive sexual harassment in the workplace online training classes to your employees will increase appropriate workplace conduct and reduce your company’s liability.  We understand budgets are tight and how critical it is to leverage the hours your employees, supervisors and managers work. We also understand the importance and legal requirements for your supervisors and managers in California (AB 1825) and other states. For supervisor training, this is a 2 hour online training that maximizes time and money by allowing supervisors and managers to meet state and federal training requirements.  Includes all California AB 1825 requirements, as well as mandatory abusive workplace training and coverage of the most recent California FEHA mandates.  

Sexual Harassment Training